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Larry Sepulvado: Guestbook

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Candice Hendel

September 15, 2010

I enjoyed listening to your CD and music, well impressed. Im even more pleased as Ive had the privelege of meeting Larry in person and what a lovely man. All the best and Kindest regards

louis vuitton

September 14, 2010

Really enjoyed the songs on your website- Who knows, one day you will show up at HSA with a case full and I will buy one !

Lyn Jones

January 19, 2010

Hope I can find a copy of your new CD. From the comments I've read, it must be awesome! Glad to hear things are going so well for you.

Andrew Richardson

December 21, 2009

Really enjoyed the songs on your website- Who knows, one day you will show up at HSA with a case full and I will buy one !

Kenny Newberry

December 7, 2009

Got the disc. Listened to the whole thing immediately. Very nice job! I'm proud of you for keeping it quality from beginning to end and completing this project. I just don't see how it could have turned out any better!

Otis Futhermucker

December 2, 2009

Well - since Larry Sepulvado gave me his CD it hasn't been out of my player. Larry's really shown the rest of us how it's done. If ever I get off my lazy butt and record some blues I want Larry to take me up to Memphis to do it. Looking forward to his CD Release Party - think I'll need a designated driver - can't stand people singing about Jack Daniels when the strongest thing they drink is luke warm coffee flavored milk.

Otis Futhermucker

December 2, 2009

RE: CD Release Party:

Well - it's just after midnight - just got back from Larry Sepulvado's CD release party. The whole thing was more fun than a barrel-full of monkeys trained in the use of french ticklers (believe me madam - I know!!!). Austiin's band was a pleasure to hear - refreshing style and fine musicianship. Larry had a fine pi...ckup band and the large and vocal crowd was bouncing off the walls.

Tony Ryan

December 2, 2009

RE: CD Release Party:

Larry, great show tonight - congrats on the new CD - sounds amazing

Kelly Copeland Hanshaw

December 2, 2009

RE: CD Release Party:

Congratulations on a fabulous night and a great CD!!!!

TC Smythe

December 2, 2009

RE: CD Release Party:
Great job tonight, Larry! You looked like you were on top of the world! Very nice job filling the room - We'll be talking about it for weeks, I'm sure..

Clyde Sayre

December 2, 2009

Hi Larry, Heard your CD with Bobby Mitchell the other day as we worked on a house. Really liked it. It's got good flavor. Hope to get out soon to hear you live. see ya!

Ken Rosato

December 2, 2009

This album is outrageously good!

Stan Hatch

December 1, 2009

Larry, I've been listening to your new CD in my car. It's great stuff. You really took it to a whole new level and showed us how it's done. Congratulations!

Robert DiBlanco

December 1, 2009

Hey Larry, thanks for the copy of the CD. Really good stuff, nice production and good writing. Way to go and thanks again.

Bruce Scism

December 1, 2009

Larry - cd came in the mail today and man did I enjoy it. thanks a million. Why Paint Memphis Blue and Fat's Domino - wonderful songs.

Janine Baillie-Stewart

December 1, 2009

A wonderful CD - all the songs are very strong -with great lyrics. I love Memphis, Hurricane and Fats Domino, but my personal favorite is Lafayette!

Vickie Jean Pierce

December 1, 2009

Still listening to it and still enjoying it. Why Paint Memphis Blue is my most favorite. The rest is all good. Not just the great music but the lyrics are what make the songs. I agree with Van that the Hurricane song is really good but I have a personal interest because of spending an entire weekend with the Kat Vics at the Astrodome. Heard a lot of stories. Saw a lot of pain. Really good song. Great job. Great Album! Really proud of you!

Larry Lewis Moon

December 1, 2009

Concerning the "Memphis" track... Holy Moses, Bubba. (grins) I'm hooked, Sepulvado Fan fer life. Wish my CD had been 1/4th as clean production-wise, but either way, I hope you enjoyed it. It was cool to shoot the breeze with you the other night - hope to talk again soon. Take care buddy.

Van Buchanan

December 1, 2009

OK, checked out cccd CD. First, let me scrape my jaw up off the floor. The production is superb...I already had suspected this after hearing those rough mixes. I like it all...very hard to make picks so here goes: Strongest emotional response was to "Memphis" song + production...nailed. If I was slammed against a wall with a knife to my throat I'd say my personal pick is "Hurricane". Close kudos to "Domino" and "Zydeco". That's one hell of a CD man. I know you put a lot of work into it...well, it definitely paid off. :)Overall, a very solid effort...Congrats!

Brian Milhous

November 17, 2009

He can dance, He can sing, He can do anything!

Ralie Burman

November 6, 2009

Good luck with CD, Janine is telling me all about you hope you do well, also have a son that just want to do music, understand the passion

Patricia Bishop

October 20, 2009

Hi Larry,
I've been listening to your new CD, Cajun Cats, Creole Dogs (love the title) and it is awesome! Your music and lyrics are absolutely great...your storylines can make me blush yet I wanna hear more at the same Why Paint Memphis Blue has always been one of my favorites of yours...but the others are running a close second. Keep up the good work.

Pat Bishop

TC Smythe

October 19, 2009

Hi Larry - just now listening to your disc - and it's great! Your perspective as a dance instructor definitely shows and will no doubt be appreciated by radio. I hope you saved a few copies of promo purposes, and I don't just mean for KPFT. My favorite cut is "Right Now". I also like the new tempo on "Dance All Night Sleep All Day". And horns! Wish more poeple used 'em.

Steve Snyder

October 18, 2009

Love the new tunes and can't wait to hear the whole enchilada. Having grown up in Beaumont/Port Arthur area, "Dance All Night" really captures the vibe down there.

Bobby Mitchell

October 18, 2009

Larry, CD sounds GREAT!
Can't wait for the next one so I can get Druuuuunk and sing along to it too.
Great Job!

Michelle Cloete

October 6, 2009

Good luck with the Launch of your CD.

Lisa Skinner

October 6, 2009

Cool website,good vibes,awesome boots!!!

Janet Witt

September 27, 2009

Congratulations Larry! Your time has come!

Janine Baillie-Stewart

September 1, 2009

Your website is looking great and I can't wait for your CD to be released!
Great music!

Dennis Challman

August 17, 2009

Looking forward to playing music with you